A med-red gold Golden Retriever
Gentle and playful.  Loves to be
the center of attention.  Would be
a lap-puppy if you let her.
CERF Clear March 2, 2007

She is a beautiful light Golden   
Retriever and more fun than box of
fire crackers, always on the move and
in the middle of everything.

picture coming soon
CERF Clear March 2, 2007
OFA - GOOD March 13,2007
She is champion bred. A small girl
that is like the color of wheat.  She
is very loving and gentle.  A
wonderful mother to her brood &  
still everyone's baby doll.
CERF Clear    March 2, 2007
Our loving and gentle wheat colored Golden
Retriever who is mother to Breeze and litter
mate to Jake.  She can give you the biggest
smile when she is happy, which is almost all
the time.
CERF Clear   
March 2, 2007

Our shy loving, gentle young lady. Her
coloring is a rich deep red. Her first
breeding will not be until late spring
of 2007.  She gives huge kisses to all that
will let her.

Is a small sable colored Standard Poodle she
45 lbs.  She will be bred to Jake in late summer
of 2007.  She is friendly and full of energy.
Always first in line to be loved by one and all.
CERF Clear          March 2, 2007
is our sweetest Golden Retriever.
She is a very light almost white with a little
Gold coloring  and weighs 56 lbs.
She is very friendly and likes to be
around people.
CERF Clear March 2, 2007
Picture coming soon
Our free spirit. Loves to chase
squirrels around the yard play tag
with the other girls. Always first
in line when treats are being
passed out. Very loving and

CERF - Clear   March 2, 2007
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CERF Clear    March 2, 2007