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Meet Jake
Our happy - go -lucky Golden Retriever
His dam is Ginger and his sire was our Tank
(CH. Starseekers Rize to Battle)
He is friendly, playful and fun loving.   Jake has been bred twice and
has produced a total of 18 puppies.  He is a litter mate to
Our males are  available for stud service
to  approved females.
Standard Poodles, Miniature poodles or
Golden Retrievers.
Our Males are CKC Registered.
All females must be cleared of Brucellois by a Brucellois test within the 10 days of
breeding by a vetenarian
Our Rescue:
Russell is a Beagle Mix. He has been with is for about 5 years is at
first no one could get near him, he was not very trusting of us but
enjoyed playing with all the dogs. It took him about 3 months
before he would trust us enough to let us touch him. Today he
enjoys being involved with all the activities, He is the first one to let
us know that someone has come for a visit weather it is a stranger
or family member and waits in line to be petted.  
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CERF Clear March 2, 2007       OFA - GOOD ( Feb. 2007)     
Patellas OFA - Normal (June 2007)    Heart  OFA - Normal  (June 2007)
His weight 54 lbs and hight at the  shoulders is 23 inches.
Bailey was 2 years old in February 2007 and is CKC Registered
CERF Clear( March 2007)   Patellas OFA - Normal (June 2007)
Heart OFA Normal (June 2007)
His weight  is 17 lbs and hight at the  shoulders is 15
inches.Sparky is CKC & ACA Registered.
CERF Clear in March  2007
Heart OFA - Normal  (June 2007)
Hips OFA - pending
Jake is 3 years old, CKC
registered, light gold in coloring,
weighs approx.
63 lbs. and stands 22 inches tall
at the shoulders.
In Momery of
Ch. Starseekers Rize to Battle
November 18, 1991 - December 29, 2005