Cockapoos of Bar C Kennels
Carolyn Shumpert
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Phone 803-764-7881 or 803917-5199
Red, 12 lb., miniature, Poodle
is 14 months old. Great temperament and
loves to play with children and other
dogs. He is our Granddaughter's constant
Charlie, our Granddaughter's, red, mini, Poodle was
bred to Katie, our  daughter-in-law's, white & brown
Cocker Spaniel.  This is a 2nd breeding for this pair.

Puppies were born April 21st  there are 7 puppies
6 boy  and 1 girls.

Puppies in this litter will be about 12-20 lbs when

All puppies in this litter are $650.00
2 males available in this litter
Is a bundle of joy . Always happy
and  playful. Likes to be first in
everything. Katie weights about 17
lbs and is litter mate with Alli
5 weeks Old on 11/9/16
8 Weeks old on 12/23/16
2 males puppies from Katie's
October 2016 litter
May 7, 2017
2 Weeks old
Female in the center
This male has
Tan Points