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Goldendoodles Of Bar C Kennels
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Puppies for Sale
Bar C Kennels
West Columbia SC
Last Up Dated April 1. 2018
Lollie Cesar Litter 2/26/14
Hanna Puppy  2012
Honey Cesar Puppy 3/1/14
What you get with your Puppy from Bar C Kennels

Two Year Health Guarantee for you Goldendoodle
Our guarantee for hereditary/congenital defects (for instance Juvenile Cataracts, Glaucoma, and Hip Dyspepsia) extends two years from the date of birth.

First set of Shots, First Puppy Shot (DH2PP) &  Kennel Cough Vaccine

HomeAgain Microchip
Microchip is inserted by our Veterinarian, Owner of Goldendoodle Puppy Must Resistor the Microchip information with the HomeAgain Registry.   
ALL puppies will be Microchipped NO exceptions.

Purina Puppy Food,Enough puppy for to the first day or two

Super Puppy, Book By Peter J Vollmer  

All Medical Record Provided, by our Veteran, and our records we have on the litter.

Puppy Registration if the puppy is registrable.
With Continental Kennels Club (CKC) - for Goldendoodles
American Kennel Club (AKC) Registration Application for Golden Retrievers

Puppy Birth Certificate, Provided by Bar C Kennels

A Blanket,  blanket has Moms and litter mates scents on it.  

Life time Support.
We are always available to answer your questions about your Goldendoodle.     

A lovable well Socialized Goldendoodle or Golden Retriever puppy!
We only accept 6 Waiting List applications for a Standard  litter.
We only accept 4 application for a miniature litter.

Please call or e-mail before submitting your application as the list often get
full early.

We have a reserve list - if there are more then 6  (4) puppies in a litter. We
will call or e-mail you if there are puppies available.
Miniature Goldendoodles 20-35 lbs.      Medium Goldendoodles 35-50 lbs.     Standard Goldendoodles 50+ lbs.
Cockapoos 12-20 lbs

Limited Registration only for our American and English Golden Retrievers. Please call for information about full
Expected Litters
Appx Due
On List
Other Information
White, Black,
white/apricot party
$1,600.00 to
Silver $1800.00
We have a breeding but
pregnancy will not be
conformed until  week of  
June 17
1.  No one will be placed on our waiting list without a $50.00 “in-line” deposit. Puppies are picked by the order that I revived your deposit.    
If we do not have a puppy for you from the litter of your choice, we will return your deposit or you may move to another litter.

2.  Once puppies are born an additional $200.00 Goldendoodles, poodles and Golden Retrievers and $100 for Cockapoos, is required to
hold your puppy and should be paid with-in 10 days of birth of the litter.

3.  IF you are not on the waiting list the deposit is $250.00  Goldendoodles, Golden Retrievers & Poodles or $150 for Cockapoos, balance
when you pick up your puppy.

4.  Once your deposit is received we will notify you of the order of selection. All selections should be completed by 5 weeks    
from birth.  Puppies may be picked up after  7 ½ -8 weeks from birth.

5.  Balance of the cost of puppy (in cash) due when puppy is picked up.

6.  No puppy will be shipped unless the puppy is paid in full, plus cost of shipping 2 weeks prior to being shipped.

7.  If you are not on a waiting list and the puppies are already born the deposit is $250.00.

8.  $100.00 off the price of a puppy if you are getting a 2nd puppy for Bar C Kennels.  

9.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell one of our puppy to anyone, at any time, for any reason.
Bella Peanut
Puppy July
Chocolate puppy from Bella/Garth
litter  1/6/17