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Just about everyone has heard about these places. The animals are neglected, they are filthy and the conditions are deplorable. Some people will purchase a dog from
one of these places because they feel sorry for the puppy, but remember.....every time someone buys a puppy from this type of place they are adding to the problem and
actually helping these people stay in business! If puppy mills were not making money they would stop breeding dogs and clean up their facilities. If everyone in this country
who came across a place like this, and refused to buy a dog from them, maybe we could help eliminate or put the puppy mills out of business.  


Most of the puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills. They are trucked in kennels packed in vans, usually from another state. The stores do not check out the places
they buy from because they are USDA certified, (if you saw the Dateline program on puppy mills you would have seen this does not mean anything), and they are AKC
registered. No responsible breeder would sell their puppies this way. The prices are grossly inflated at pet stores to make up for the higher mortality rate of the pups.

These people call themselves breeders, but the only thing they know about breeding is how to put the two dogs together and let them do what comes naturally. They do not
breed to produce quality, healthy pups. They breed with what ever dog is available of the same breed because it is cheaper. Believe me, you get what you pay for. A good
breeder puts a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into their pups to assure you will have a happy and healthy little pet. A good breeder will be there for you if there
is some unforeseen problem. A good breeder will cost more initially, but will save you a lot of heartache in the long run. If you want a pet that is socialized, healthy, well bred and
guaranteed, go to a reputable breeder.



A REPUTABLE, RESPONSIBLE, BREEDER is proud of their dogs and their facilities. They don't have to be fancy, but they MUST be clean. Good breeders will be happy to
show you the parents and where the puppies are raised. Beware of the breeder who brings out one pup at a time from behind closed doors or won't show you the parents.
If they act like they have something to hide, THEY USUALLY DO!

A good breeder guarantees the health of their puppies against genetic defects for refund or replacement. Beware of anyone who only guarantees their puppies for a few
days....(if you take your new puppy to the vet in 3-5 days as requested and it dies 4-6 days later, then that is your problem). This is NOT a responsible breeder.

A responsible breeder has their dog's best interest at heart and they will tell you if they think a breed is not right for you instead of trying to pressure you into buying.
They are more concerned about what the puppy thinks of you than what you think of the puppy.

A responsible breeder is knowledgeable and encourages questions before and after a purchase. The more you know the better you can care for your new puppy. A good
breeder's job does not stop when you walk out the door.

A good breeder is always trying to improve their line, their facilities and do everything for the dogs who depend on and put their trust in them.

A responsible breeder may or may not show their dogs. This makes them no better or worse,  no more or less knowledgeable or caring. There are good and bad
breeders everywhere. Everyone who shows is not a reputable breeder,  just as everyone who chooses not to show is not a bad breeder or puppy mill.

Ask the breeder about what they feel the puppy will weigh when full grown, the size of the parents and other puppies produced by the same parents. A reputable breeder
will know what their dogs produce and will be honest about the size.

Most important, do your research!
A responsible breeder has a good reputation and will provide you with a vet reference and references of previous puppy purchases. The puppy you adopt will be part of
your family for many years to come, so do your homework first and it will be a great and rewarding experience for both of you!