Goldendoodle "Romp"  Pictures
in Charleston SC,  November 3, 2007
Our thanks to  Savannah the Doodle, Hydi and Bruce Kalmin,
For hosting the Doodle Romp in Charleston it was a great success and lots of fun.
Bar C Kennels   
Goldendoodle Romp :
When a gathering of  Goldendoodles and their owners get together to have a fun day with their
Goldendoodles and other owners of Goldendoodle.
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We get our picture taken.
We try to get set up to get our picture taken
We play in the water
We try to take
They shake.
Where did my
duckie go?
I know my Duckie is in here somewhere!
Cooling off
Where did he go?
I found my Duckie!
You keep it, it's just a rubber duck.
Our thanks to all who come to our
1st Anunnal Doodle Romp
West Columbia, SC

We had about 14 dogs and their
families came.

Every one had a Great Day
lots of fun.
The Goldendoodle Romp is Held each spring in the month of
April or May. All Goldendoodles and Labordoodles
are welcome to come and meet other Goldendoodle and
Labordoodle  and their owners owners.
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