Facts, Tidbits and Other Great

Height is 22" and up at the shoulders
Weight ranges 50 lbs. and up

Mini or Medium
Height is 21 inches or less at the shoulders
Weight range is between 25 and 50 lbs.

Puppies will usually be about the size of the
Mom when grown
F1 Goldendoodle's
A Golden Retriever bred to a
Poodle (Standard, Miniature or
Toy) F1 Goldendoodles are
consistent in coat that is very
wavy and /or curly with a
shaggy look. The coat is very
low to non-shedding.  This type
of coat is typically allergy
Colors of a Goldendoodle

Apricot/ Gold - The color of ripe apricots      
close to the skin and may be lighter on the hair
tips.   Also may fade as the dog gets  older.
Café – Milk Chocolate at birth of varying
shades, often taking up to 3 years to fully color
at a multi shades of light chocolate.
Carmel – A rich Gold/Apricot much like the color
of caramel candy. May also have a reddish
Chalk – Appears white but when compared to a
true white it is a chalky white.  May have some
rose or black pigment to hair tips.
Chocolate – Dark, Rich, almost black when
born, they will keep the dark chocolate through
our their lifetime.
Very rare.
Cream & Apricot – Cream to light beige to light
Apricot  in color – may have darker apricot on
Parti -  White with black patches (or any color).
Can only be obtained thru F1B breeding.
Red – A true red will be the same color at the
roots of the hair as the tips. There should not be
any other color in the coat. May fade some as
the dogs age.
Sable Brown – Black with brown throughout
the coat, they may have a silverfish base coat,
they may have

Golden Doodles
are the   
when they are
interacting with
their owners.