J & M

Have adopted Zoe and purchased one of the girls from the    
Breeze litter. Her name is Shiloh.    They live in Charlotte, NC

is from Elgin, SC.  
She is the proud new
owner of Sandee,
one of Breeze's  

Barbara and her Grandchildren have a new
family member her name is Aiofe.  They live in
Mt. Pleasant, SC Aiofe is a Breeze puppy.
Here are some extremely late pictures of our goldendoodle Mosely. We adopted
him in October of 2006. He was bigger than a lot of the other puppies there and he
has a ton of personality. He absolutely loves playing soccer!!! He likes car rides
and the beach. He sprints when we take him for a walk and could go forever. He is
friends with my grandparents 8 year old chocolate lab, who he visits every week.
It's so funny to watch them play, Mose is such a pest. He's very social and smart.
He can sit, stay, speak, shake and laydown.  He can also find his favorite toy on
comand.  We rescantly shaved him and he looks really silly. I know he feels better
though. We really enjoy him.            Josie M.

Hello Carolyn.
I just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing fine. We decided to name
her Amber. She seems to be adjusting well. The first night was a little rough,
but last night was much better. She only woke up to go out twice. She seems to
be very smart and just loves to be with the family. She’s also quite fond of the
Frisbee.    Here are a few pictures. We’ll keep you updated, and I’ll let you
know how the vet check goes.

Kendra V.
Atlanta Ga.
April 2007
Just got back from our first camping
trip with her.  She did wonderful.  
She is such a sweet puppy.  She
loved the beach and sitting out with
us at night around the campfire.  
She is 8 weeks old in these
pictures.  We are delighted with
her.  She and Buddy, our 5 year old
Golden are already best friends.  
Will send some more snapshots
Brenda, Kate and Family
Zoe and Shiloh sharing a toy.
Sandee on stairs  April 2007
April 2007
Thought you might like to see Aiofe with her " Attitude". I tossed
a robe onto the bed and she looked back at me as if to say
' Excuuuuuse  me?" I snapped it up real quick. She is doing real
good - goes " to bed" on command into her kennel, drives her
brothers nuts and she is already showing signs of being my
protector. She will start obedience training next week - uh huh,
we will see.
Barbara L.
Kate and Sandy