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Gypsy ~ Striker litter  February 1, 2016   
Orange Ribbon
Went home with
The Eagle family
Spartanburg SC.
White Ribbon
went home with
Katie  to Charlotte
Red Ribbon Female
IS going with the
Williams family in
Fuquary Varina NC.
Lt. Blue Ribbon Male
went home with
Rodger & Michele to  
Marietta Ga,
Green Ribbon
Went  home
with Ashley.
Blue Ribbon
Went home with
Pamela's to
Galivants Ferry SC
Black Ribbon Male
will live in Charlotte NC with
Meghan's family
Puppies from Gypsy and Striker's First litter  Born July 2015
He is a European Cream Colored Golden Retriever
Striker was born in Romania.  He is Champion sired.
There are many  English, European  and International
Champions in his pedigree.  He has a great Golden
Retriever personality is friendly and loving.

Heart - OFA- Normal,  Patellar - OFA- Normal,
Hips OFA - Good,   Elbows- OFA- Normal
Height 22 in. Weight 62 lbs.
She is a Cesar Daughter, very loving and playful.
She is CKC reg.

Hipps OFA Good, Heart OFA - Normal,
Patellars -OFA -Normal, vWd -Negative,  
SA  - Negative
Orange Ribbon
Back Ribbon Male
Blue Ribbon Male
Pink Ribbon Female
Green Ribbon Female
Red Ribbon
Female #1
White Ribbon Female
Red ribbon Female
Yellow Ribbon Female
Purple Ribbon Female
Gypsy Striker Puppies were born on July 23, 2016
Ready to go home September 10, 2016

There are 9 puppies
2 female and 7 boys

1 male puppy Available.
Black ribbon male puppy is available picture is Below
Purple Ribbon Female
is going home with the Ward
Family in Lexington, SC
Pink Ribbon Female
is going home to Charleston
SC, with the Tyson Family
Black Ribbon puppy

Light Blue Ribbon Male
Is going home with the Morning family
to Sumter SC.

His name is Dallas.
Green Ribbon Male
Will live in Fort Mill SC with
Brook and Adam.

His name is Duncan.
Red Ribbon Male
is Going home with Susan to
Myrtle Beach SC
Gold Ribbon Puppy
will live in Winstom-Salan, NC with
Pam and her family.

His name is Boz.
Orange Ribbon Puppy
His name is Bentley and will be living in Myrtle
Beach SC with Susan & Michael
Blue Ribbon Puppy
IS going home with The Campbell Family
and will live in Lillington NC.

His name is Bentley
we missed taking his picture
we'll have it up later today.