1.  At the time of delivery, the Breeder guarantees your puppy is in good health, and has received age appropriate
vaccinations as well as deworming. Purchaser will be provided with all health records of puppy while puppy was in the care of

2. After the receiving the puppy, the purchaser must take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for an initial health exam within
3 business days.   At this initial visit, if puppy is found to have a serious health condition, the Seller must be notified and the
puppy may be returned.  This health guarantee becomes null and void if Purchaser has not taken the puppy to a licensed
veterinarian within 3 business days of purchasing puppy.  This health guarantee becomes null and void if Buyer decides to
keep puppy after it is found to have a serious health condition.

3. If the Purchaser’s veterinarian identifies a chronic or serious health problem with the puppy within 3 days of the date of
purchase, proof of medical exam and diagnosis by the veterinarian must be presented to Breeder in order for a refund. Refund
will be 80% with-in 90 days from purchase, with puppy returned. A refund is limited and not to exceed 50% of the cost of the
puppy with in the 1st year and not to exceed 20% in the 2nd year. The Breeder reserves the right to have a second opinion by
a veterinarian of Breeder’s choice, at Breeder’s expense. If puppy should die due to a suspected congenital defect, an
autopsy/necropsy must be performed at the purchaser’s expense. If the puppy is euthanized prior to our knowledge or being
checked by our veterinarian no refund will be given.

4..  The seller guarantees the puppy for 2 years (from purchase date) against hip dysplasia providing the dog is not 20% over-
weight; or exposed to intensive exercise.  Reasonable precautions have been taken 1to prevent this puppy from acquiring
hereditary defects of the hips, eyes and heart.  Should said puppy be diagnosed by a board certified specialist as having a
hereditary defect, and verified by another board certified licensed specialist at the seller’s discretion.  When you place your
puppy on NuVet Vitamins for 4 years, the guarantee will be extended to 4 years.

5. This contract becomes null and void when the Purchaser accepts any refund.  Seller has 90 days from the date of
confirmed diagnosis to distribute refund.

6.  Puppies can on occasion have allergic reactions to vaccinations.  Health issues that are the result of vaccinations
including: sarcomas, tumors, auto-immune disorders, thyroid disease, allergies, seizures and kidney failure, etc. may occur
following an administered vaccine, these illnesses will not be covered under the genetic portion of this warranty.

8.  Leptospirosis & Coronavirus vaccine has a known history of causing a reaction that can sometimes trigger auto-immune
reaction in puppies.  This contract becomes void if Leptospirosis or  Coronavirus vaccine is given before 1 year of age. Buyer
also agrees to not have the rabies vaccine administered at the same time as any other vaccine, but to allow at minimum two
weeks from the last vaccine date before having rabies vaccine administered to the puppy/dog.  
Heart Guard and Iverheart Max are good and safe to use on puppies for heartworms and internal parasite prevention. With
this said, the seller will not be liable in any manner for illness or injury that occurs or may be triggered by a vaccine of any
nature. We highly recommend that this be discussed with your veterinarian before giving any vaccines.

(________ Buyer has read and understands this statement.

Buyer agrees:
It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to provide due care, and not expose unprotected puppy whose vaccines have not yet fully
taken effect to contagious situations. The Seller is not responsible for any contagious diseases the puppy may contract once it
has left our care.  This guarantee will not cover, including but not limited to: Parasites, internal or external, Coccidian,
Guardia, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Kennel Cough, Distemper, Rabies and Corona. Seller makes no guarantee regarding loss
of the dog due to accidental death, theft, sickness, etc., or any other loss beyond the Seller’s control.  

1.  Spay/Neuter the puppy on or before its eighth (8) month birthday. Should the puppy NOT be spay/neutered by 8 months
old the above guarantee regarding hereditary/congenital defects will be null and void.

2. The puppy will be given proper medical care including, but not limited to vaccinations and annual boosters, regular
deworming, heart worm preventative, adequate and proper shade/housing in a fenced yard or kennel, and puppy will not be
“tied out”.

3.  This puppy will never be surrendered to any humane society, animal rescue group or animal shelter. Buyer will contact
seller to offer puppy back to seller, at no charge, should buyer become unable to properly care for your puppy.

4. HomeAgain Microchip will be implanted before the puppy is sent home. Registration is required by the owner of puppy and
needs to be registered with HomeAgain, either by mail or on-line, before the puppy is 3 months of age. All information is
supplied in the puppy pack. Should the puppy's microchip Number NOT be registered before 3 months of age the above
guarantee regarding hereditary/congenital defects will be null and void.                

_________ I have read and understand the paragraph above and agree to them.

Other Considerations:

This contract is non-transferable and becomes null and void if the dog is sold or given away.

It is impossible to accurately determine the exact adult size, coat color and /or type of coat of any puppy sold. Therefore, we
do not give any size, color or type of coat guarantee. Size, coat color, and type of your puppy / dog’s coat is estimated based
on bloodline, age, bone structure, size of the puppy, and our experience with how the puppies have matured in the past.

We do our very best to have healthy, happy, well socialized puppies. We hope you will continue this as you feed quality dog
food, keep current with shots and deworming, place him/her on heartworm preventative and most of all enjoy your puppy/dog
and let him/her enjoy the time being with you.  Should you the buyer have any questions about your puppy as he/she grows
(ages), we will always available to answer your questions.

Yes / No I give my permission for Bar C Kennels to give out my e-mail address and 1st name only to perspective buyers as a

Bar C Kennels
Sales Agreement & Health
The original copy of this agreement will be returned to you when you
receive your puppy.

A Copy will be kept in our files.
He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
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Bar C Kennels

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When the puppy is placed on NuVet Plus Vitamins at the time of purchase and is keep on the
vitamins for 4 years.

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