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Where did the Goldendoodle come from?
A Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever and Poodle cross.  Goldendoodles, also called Golden Poos, Goldie Poos, or Groodles, have been bred and
Australia since the early 1980 and in North America about the mid-1990's.  As the smaller poodle hybrids had been such a success in filling the niche
for small, allergy friendly family pets,  Golden Retriever breeders decided to try a breeding a Golden Retriever with a Standard Poodle for a larger
family pet.  The quick rise of the popularity of Goldendoodles is due to the dogs themselves.  They are a most marvelous hybrid.   

Hybrid Vigour & Goldendoodles
Goldendoodles are a first generation cross, and as such they exhibit  hybrid vigour.  This is a phenomenon in animal breeding referring to the fact that
the first cross between two unrelated purebred lines is healthier and grows better than either parent line.  The hybrid cross between these two parent
breeds are terrific family dogs, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train.

The Goldendoodle's ancestry along both parent lines is as hunters and water dogs. The physical appearance of the Goldendoodle runs anywhere
from a shaggy-looking retriever to a curl-relaxed poodle, but usually it falls somewhere in between.  The length of the coat when left unclipped grows to
about  4-8 inches.  The color of the coat can be cream, gold, apricot, chocolate, gray and black. Most Goldendoodles have a Standard Poodle as a
parent, and are standard sized.  Those with a miniature Poodle as a parent, are about 25-50 pounds and are called miniature or medium
Goldendoodles.   Like many poodle crosses, most Goldendoodles are light to non-shedding, and most live easily with families with MILD allergies.  

Goldendoodles are an intelligent and obedient family companion. They are everybody's friend and devoted to their family. They are friendly towards
children, other dogs and pets, and easy with strangers.  They are social dogs, happiest when with people. Goldendoodles are likely to get into
mischief and develop behavior problems if they spend most of their lives alone. Their intelligence, eagerness to please, and love of learning make
them very easy to train.  They are medium-to large sized family dogs with easy dispositions.

Height, Weight
Standard Goldendoodles are a medium to large sized dog about the size of a Golden Retriever or Standard Poodle, perhaps more robust.   

Height: Males 20-25 inches.  Females 18-24 inches.
Weight: Males 55-70 pounds.  Females 45-60 pounds.
Mini-Mediums may weight from 25 to 50 lbs

Health Concerns
As a hybrid cross they grow healthier and live longer than either parent line. The only genetic diseases they can be prone to would be those shared by
both the Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle. No Major Concerns. Minor Concerns - CHD, PRA, VonWillebrand's, Elbow and patella disorders.
Suggested tests - hip (OFA), heart (OFA), eye (CERF) and vWD.

Living Conditions & Exercise
Goldendoodles require a moderate amount of exercise and their coats are generally low maintenance. They can live in the city or on a farm. They are
social dogs and they are happiest when they are with people.

Life Expectancy
About 15 years

As a hybrid cross, Goldendoodles will inherit fur that looks retriever-like, or poodle-like, but usually something in-between. Unclipped Goldendoodles
will have hair about 4-8 inches long, shorter on the face and longer on the body, tail and legs.  They require combing about 1 a week.  Depending on
how often the dog is groomed, clipped Goldendoodles are groomed several times a year.