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Goldendoodle puppies for Sale at Bar C Kennels in South Carolina
ALL of your dogs go home with their
HomeAgain Microchip implanted.
For more information about the HomeAgain Lost Dog  Recovery
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Luck Dog Cuisine was developed by
Dr Janice Elenbaas D.C.
Dr Elenbaas lives in SC,  for more information on this
wonderful dog food please visit
or click on the attached link.  Or e-mail her at
Goldendoodles - Golden Retrievers - Standard Poodles
Available at
Bar C Kennels West Columbia, SC

Page last updated May 2, 2009
Goldendoodles at Bar C Kennels       
Goldendoodles   ~   Golden Retrievers   ~   Standard Poodles
Carolyn Shumpert,   West Columbia,  South Carolina
Goldendoodle Puppies
At Bar C Kennels / Goldendoodles we strive to raise the most happy, out-going, smart, healthy, beautiful puppies and truly hope you decide to get your next puppy from
us.  We also know many of you would prefer a puppy closer to home or I may not have a puppy for you in your time frame.
Listed below are breeders I feel have the same ethics as I do.  

Also other websites we support.

If you would like to exchange links, please send an e-mail to

NEVER will you see a  puppy mill listed here!
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Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Puppies
Judy lives in Beauford SC and dose beatuiful
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