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The following Girls Darcy, Koda, Rose, Goldie, Allie, Lillie, Buttons & Bows have been retired,  their pictures will remain at the bottom of
this page,   but we still get picture of their puppies from time to time and we would like to let you know about them.
She was the greatest of dogs.
Always loving and will be a forever
part of our family.

Cheyanne is
Breeze and Bella's mom.

Sept 10, 2004  -  Oct 14, 2016
Darcy & Koda
have been retired. These girls are
sisters and have been together all
their lives. The Girls  are still
together and are now living in
Chattanooga TN, with the Cox
is now retired from our breeding

She has beep adopted by Nana and
her family and  lives in W. Virginia
She is outgoing and loves to play chase the other
dogs, around the yard! She always knows where her
toy is.
A loving, gentle, easy-going girl that passes her
nature on to her off spring.   She is very light in
coloring - Her last litter was almost white.  

Hips OFA - Good, Heart OFA - Normal,Eyes Cerf- Clear
Weight  55 lbs, Height - 21 inches
We are proud of your fantastic Moms and the wonderful F1 Goldendoodle puppies they

All are health tested and Vet Checked annually.

Bar C Kennels  has Goldendoodle puppies in

South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia,
Florida, California, Texas, Tennessee,  Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio
Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New York, Washington, Maryland, Vermont,  Washington State,
Vancouver, Canada and the Bahamas
She our very small Golden Retriever but very lively girl, that
thinks, that she is as big as all the other girls. Loves to play and
be the center of attention. She will only be breed for
Mini-Goldndoodles. She is not Registered with AKC or CKC

Hips: OFA - Fair, Heart: OFA - Normal, Patellars: OFA Normal
Weight 41 lbs, Height 18 inches
Our tallest Golden Ret.  but  that dose
not stop her from thinking that  she is  a
lap dog.She now has her own sofe to
sleep on in Bluffton SC.

She was friendly
and very loving.
First in line to play
with you.

December 4, 2009
November 28, 2016
Our Moms
Always playfull and looking for
that squirl to chase.

July 23, 2005 -March 21, 2011
Lollipop was born in Russia  Almost all the dams and
sires in her pedigree are English and European
Champions. DNA profile, AKC and CKC registered.
She has a great personality and is a very friendly..  She
is a very light cream color.

Heart - OFA- Normal, Patellars- OFA - Normal
Hips - OFA- Good, Elbows - OFA- Normal
Height - 22 in., Weight - 58 lbs.
Fergie was born in Russia, she is Champion breed,
She is as playful as a puppy and loves her toys and lets
every one know which toys are hers. Fergie is DNA
profile, AKC and CKC registered.
Hips - OFA Good, Elbows- OFA Normal,
Patellars - OFA Normal,  Heart - OFA- Normal,
Height -23in. Weight -60lbs.
Clare is from Romania  She is champion breed
and has many English, European and
International Champions in her Pedigree.
Heart - OFA- Normal, Hips OFA- Good,
Elbows OFA Normal, Patellars OFA -Normal

Weight 55lbs. Height 23in.
Clare now lives in Mount Pleasant SC
Cassy is from Romania she is Champion
breed. Many English, European and
International titles in her pedigree.  She is
AKC and CKC registered and has DNA
Profile through the AKC.

Hips - OFA - Mild, Elbows - OFA- Good,
Heart - OFA- Normal, Patellars- OFA Normal
Height 22 in,  Weight 55 lbs.
We do NOT place our girls in Guardian Homes or Foster Homes until it is time to breed them.
All of our Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles live with us.
Contact us at
Is a Red Standard
Poodle.  She loves to
play and run with the
other dogs.   She is
and CKC registered.

Hips OFA -  Good  
Heart OFA-Normal,
Patellas OFA- Normal,
SA Negative  
Honey is not registered
She is deep Golden in coloring Loves to play with her toys
and the other dogs. She is one of our smallest Golden
Hips: OFA - Good, Heart: OFA - Normal,
Patellars: OFA Norma

Hight 19 in.   Weight 42lbs.
Our European Golden Retrievers
Our Standard Poodle Moms

Picture Soon
In Memory

She is medium size Golden Retriever
Loves to play with the other dogs and be around
people Bows will be 2 years old in July. She is litter
mate to Bows and both were sired by Jake.

Hips OFA - Fair, Heart OFA - Normal, Eyes Cerf- Cleare
Weight 50 pounds,Height 21 inches
Is a silver and black
Standard Poodle..  
She is AKC and CKC
With a hair cut

She is medium size Golden retriever loves to run
and play with the other dogs. Bows will be 2 years
old in July. She is litter mate to Buttons and both
were sired by Jake.

Hips OFA - Fair, Heart OFA - Normal, Eyes CERF Cleare
Weight 48 pounds, weight 21 inches

Picture Soon
is a Clare and Striker

Picture soon
She gave us some of the most beatuful
puppies, always loving and playful.

August 8, 2008 - September 22, 2015

She is a Cesar Daughter,
very loving and playful
She is CKC reg.

Hipps OFA Good,
Heart OFA - Normal,
Patellars -OFA -Normal
vWd -Negative,  
SA  - Negative

Her Sire was Cesar.
Zoey is a Miniature Goldendoodle Her dam is Honey and
Peanut is her sire. She loves to cuddle with "Pops" when he
sits in his in recliner.
she is CKC reg.
Weight 20lbs.   Hight 13in.  


Is Cafe-Au-Lait in coloring with
chocolate patches mixed in.  
Very loving and playful.

Weight 50 lbs. Hight 22 in.

Hips OFA  Excellent,
Heart OFA - Normal,
Patella's -OFA -Normal
vWd -Negative,  
SA  - Negative

She is AKC & CKC  registered

Her Dam was Kaycee
Her Sire was  Mr. Red.
Red Gold in coloring, loves playing with other dogs and our
grandchildren. She and Ruby have the same sire but
different moms.

She is CKC Registered

Hight 22 in. Weight 55lbs.