Visitors are always welcome by appointment at just about any time ( on weekdays or
weekends). If an Open House is not scheduled or convenient.

We do have some rules that we may ask you to go by.
Ask us about them.

Occasionally we have an Open House to showcase our Goldendoodle
and Golden Retriever puppies. It also gives you an opportunity to meet us,
our dogs and visit our kennel.  

We are conveniently located about 6 miles off I-26 passed the
Columbia Airport.  

There are no bathroom facilities available.

Please call 803-764-7881 or 803-917-5199
for an appointment and/or directions.
Bar C Goldendoodles
Call  803-917-5199
or Click here to Send us an

Carolyn Shumpert, West Columbia, South Carolina
Goldendoodle Puppies for sale, F1 Affordable Goldendoodle Puppies Located in South Carolina,
Goldendoodle Puppies at Bar C Kennels
Visitors are always welcome .
There has been a big out-break of Parvo ( Canine Parvovirus )
in South Carolina.
To keep our dogs and puppies safe we are Not receiving visitors at this
Our Vet. has seen 58 cases of Parvo from March 1 to April 11. That's a
lot of sick puppies.
We do not have Parvo and we do not want it  
- so-  
to keep from having the virus here, we are saying
NO VISITORS until further notice.

I'll be happy to answer any question about our puppies and dogs if
you want to call or e-mail us.

Please keep your dogs and puppies safe be sure that they
are  vaccinated  annually.