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The pictures of the puppies/dogs below are from past litters
Kathleen, Anna and Sparkles
Arlo at 8 weeks

Django is the
puppy's name, He
is living in
Charleston SC
with the Bright
March 2007
at 4
weeks old
Koda takes a cooling dip in the pool.
Thanks for such a wonderful dog.
We are moving to Texas in June
and would like to get another one
from you before we move.

Marcus is from the Koda/Bailey
litter born June 24 2006.
Marcus    June 1, 2008
9 weeks old
Hi Carolyn,   Here are a few pictures of Sparkles.  She weighs 44 lbs now.  
Anna and Sparkles are getting along well.  Sparkles is very high energy, and
loves Anna, doggie daycare, other dogs and everyone she meets.    Kathy B

Sparkles is from Koda's Dec 2007 litter
3 months old
4 months old
6 mo. old
Kody is from the
Koda/Bailey litter
born June 24 2006.
Hey Carolyn,
I know that it has been a very long time but I promised
pictures of Beans and I am just getting around to
figuring out how to send them on my computer. He is
such a wonderful dog and we love him dearly. He is
with us all of the time and everyone comments one
how precious he is.
Thank so much.
Sarah Hendrick

He was born on June 24, 2006 - Koda/Bailey
Sally                       Beans              William
Doodle, cooling off in the pool
I think every one should have a
Doodle ( that's his name)
is a Lolli and Cesar puppy from the
November 2011 litter. He lives in Lexington
SC with the Bolin family.

We got Buddy from you 10 years ago he is
still  the greatest dog in the world!
May 2007
June 2017
He’s very active still, healthy, very loving,
yet very protective of the family….perfect
family dog!  
He’s 82 pounds.

He was from a Lilly/Bailey litter.

Left to right is
Marissa (age 9 and 19)
Luke (age 2 and 12)
Michael (age 6 and 16)
Buddy (age 6 mo. and 10yr.)