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Carolyn Shumpert
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A breeze Puppy
Abbey Mae lives in Clayton NC with Christine, Mike, Matthew and Erica.
JoeJoe and His Family  in Charleston SC
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Erica and Abby
I can't believe that Abbey is already 13 weeks and
weighs only about 10 pounds. Everyone had a blast at
the lake as well as Abbey. She really likes to swim and
stayed right with us the whole time. She was so tired that
she slept the whole way home and didn't even wake up
when we pulled into the driveway. She went right back to
sleep when we got home.
Molly and her family in Easley SC

Breeze/ Bailey Nov. 2008 litter.
Heidi had a big surprise for her little girls on Christmas morning.
Hello Carolyn, Thank you so much for such
a wonderful puppy! We couldn't be happier and my girls are over the moon!  I think you will have a four legged
billboard for you! Oh we did name her Holly! Many Thanks Heidi R.
After dinner 12/25/08
Christmas morning Dec. 25, 08
Nala lives in Charlotte NC  With Stephanie and Family
Hi Ms. Shumpert,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love our Nala,
Breeze and Sparky's puppy. She is 9 mos now and weighs
a whoppin' 23 pounds which is perfect for us! We took her to
Texas to visit Nana who loves her "granddog" as much as we
do and she really enjoyed the beach this summer. She's has
inherited both a sweet personality combined with lots of energy
and she can jump out of this world!
Thank you for a wonderful puppy!

Stephanie A.
Breeze / Sparky  March 2008 litter
Breeze / Sparky litter March 2008
Breeze Sparky litter March 2008
Breeze  / Bailey litter November 2008
Hey Carolyn,.Joe Joe has settled in fine with us.  He has lots of people
(big and small) that want to play with him.  He is my constant
companion in the kitchen, which I love!  Our vet let us know that he was
a very healthy puppy and our trainer said he had a great disposition.  
We can only attribute it to the love and care all of your dogs receive
from you and  your family.  Thanks so much and
I will send more pictures as he progresses!  The beach pictures were
taken at the Isle of Palms on Monday, December 29th!  
Joe Joe put his paws in!  

Barbara and her
Grandchildren have a
new family member her
name is Aiofe.  They live
in Mt. Pleasant, SC Aiofe
is a Breeze puppy.
Thought you might like to see Aiofe with
her " Attitude". I tossed a robe onto the
bed and she looked back at me as if to
say ' Excuuuuuse  me?" I snapped it up
real quick. She is doing real good - goes
" to bed" on command into her kennel,
drives her brothers nuts and she is
already showing signs of being my
protector. She will start obedience
training next week - uh huh, we will see.
Love, Barbara L.
Breeze puppy from 2008 litter
J & M

Have adopted Zoe and purchased one of the girls from the    
Breeze litter. Her name is Shiloh.    They live in Charlotte, NC
Also a Breeze Puppy

is from Elgin, SC.  
She is the proud new owner of Sandee,
one of Breeze's  puppies
Sandee on stairs  April 2007