Goldendoodles Puppies available at Bar C Kennels
Goldendoodle Puppies for sale in South Carolina at Bar C Kennels, F1 Goldendoodle affordiable Puppies, Mini-Goldoodle puppies for Sale
Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale
Goldendoodles for Sale and Golden Retrievers in South Carolina in the United States of America.
Goldendoodles Mini- Goldendoodles also Golden Retriever   
Bar C Kennels

Carolyn Shumpert, 1066 Boone St, West Columbia SC 29172
Goldendoodles, Golden Retrievers,
Standard Poodles
Bar C Kennels
Carolyn Shumpert
West Columbia, South Carolina
Puppy Deposit Application
To reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter of your choosing.

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________  City: ______________________________

State: _____________________  Zip____________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________________

Home phone #: __________________________  Cell Phone #: ________________________________

All Checks or Money Orders are to be made Payable to Carolyn Shumpert

$50.00 Wait List Deposit if paid by Paypal there it a $2.00 surcharge.
For a Mini or Standard Goldendoodle, Standard Poodle or Golden Retriever
Wait List deposits are for puppies not yet born are taken for a puppies before or after the Dam has been
breed but before the puppies are born.  Your check of $50.00 along with a Puppy Deposit Application will
secure your place in the puppy selection process when the litter arrives.  This $50.00 is also applied to
the price of your  puppy. If you are on the waiting list, the balance of $150.00 will be due when the
puppies are born.  Puppies are already born and you are not on a waiting list the deposit is $200.00 if
paid by Paypal there is a $25.00 surcharge.  
I prefer Male ______ Female______ Dose not Matter ______

$50.00 Deposit to be put on the wait list for a puppy in upcoming litters.  Balance of Puppy Deposit
$150.00 after the puppies are born. Or $200.00 after puppies are born.

F1 Standard Goldendoodles* $900.00,  ______

F1 Medium Goldendoodles* $1,200.00 _________
Females available in Mattie's litter ____

F1 Miniature Goldendoodle* $1,500.00 ________   

European Golden Retrievers $1,200.00 ______ None expected at this time.

American Golden Retrievers $750.00 ________________None expected at this time

*Goldendoodles that are rare or unusual in coloring are $1,500.00 and up
(Parti colored, brindle, or rare colors such as deep reds, chocolates, silver, etc)