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Carolyn, I thought I would forward some pictures of "Putter" now that he has turned 5 months.  He is a great family dog with a sweet
and gentle disposition.  He has learned to sit, heal, and come (not so good at staying yet but we are working on it).  He loves to ride
in the car and didn't complain at all when we drove to New England (13 hours!)  He also is very social with other dogs and loves to
play with his pals. The kids love him and so do we. We're so glad he is part of our family!     Best regards, Kim & Billy Frankel  
P.S.  Putter's half sister lives in our neighborhood.

Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how sweet Cheyenne's baby is! Bo has settled into our family routine really nicely. His big sister
Phoebe loves him and he loves her. They play, play, play. Phoebe is only 18 months old, so she still has lots of play in her. Bo sleeps all night and cries no more at
night. He is a big eater and is very neat and good to keep himself groomed. He poos outside, but still pees in the house.  He is very comfortable around people and
other dogs, very well socialized. I thank you for  that! I bet he has doubled in size since we got him. At the vet visit soon after we brought him home he weig hed 14
pounds. I bet he is close  to 18 pounds now. His lets have gotten longer. Thanks for the sweetest little puppy and when the kids come home from college, we will send
you pictures. (I don't know how to do all that stuff!) Happy Holidays, Sandy C.




                                                                                                       A Puppy from
Almost every picture we take of
Mozie is a poster.
I’m not proud of her much, huh?  
I attached one of her with our
friend, Suzie, and her long
coated Chihuahua.  Mozie was
real gentle with the little puppy.  -
Cheyanne's Sept. 2007 litter.
Cheyanne's January 2007 litter
Mozie at 3 months
Mozie at 9 months
Mozie is from Cheyanne's July  2006 litter
Just got back from our first
camping trip with her.  She did
wonderful.  She is such a
sweet puppy.  She loved the
beach and sitting out with us
at night around the campfire.  
She is 8 weeks old in these
pictures.  We are delighted
with her.  She and Buddy, our
5 year old Golden are already
best friends.  Will send some
more snapshots soon.
Brenda, Kate and Family
December 2007
Sandy is a Cheyanne and Bailey
puppy  from their January 2007 litter
March 2007


                                                            Aztec and Tala are from
                                               Cheyanne and Bailey  July  2006 litter
Aztec  Donna  and Tala
Where's the food!
We had a bath we are clean now!
Jan 19, 2008
April  2008
July 2007
Hi Carolyn, Just wanted to send a few pictures of Juno,   She is settling in well, and the kids just adore her.  She has the sweetest personality and
loves being around us.  She is very smart, already going potty outside at least as much as inside.  Will send updates, but wanted to let you know how
happy with her we are already!   the Huff family    (Cheyanne's 3/08 Litter)
May 24, 2008
May 24, 2008
Good morning, Carolyn. I thought I'd let you know that Dakota is doing great and has settled in very nicely into our family. She was a bit nervous on the ride home,
but she handled it well enough. As soon as we pulled into our neighborhood, it started to pour. We knew she had been holding it for an hour and a half, so we said,
"what the heck," and headed for the back yard. Dakota and the boys ran around the yard through the puddles. I've always wanted a water-loving dog,
and Beth keeps telling me that I got what I wanted in spades. Dakota LOVES the water and mud.She has already found some friends: my in-law's poodle puppy and
our friend's chocolate lab puppy. We're very happy that she was able to learn social skills at  your home with all of your other dogs. Nicholas crawled into Dakota's
crate to show her that there was nothing to be afraid of. It didn't help much the first night, as she whined just about the entire time, but she didn't whine once last
night. She's really learning quickly. You were right about the doggy door. She is constantly in and out, and after since she's settled in, we haven't had any
messes in the house. I can't tell you how much Nicholas and Nathanael love their new puppy.
They're going to be great with her. Of course we love her too. She has a great combination
of a fun-loving and gentle nature.  Thanks again for a wonderful puppy.
Craig Y,  in Ladson, SC
Cheyanne's 3/08  litter. Pictures taken 5/24/08
May 2008
Hi Carolyn,            Odie weighs about 60 lbs. now and gets lots of attention wherever he goes. He’s beautiful. We didn’t have any problems with house training at all.
When he wants to go out, he just stares at you until you get up and take him outside. We still have a problem with Odie jumping on people when they visit our home,
but hope to get that under control soon. He just gets so excited. He meets me at the door everyday and runs to get a toy to show me. He loves to play and
especially likes his chest rubbed. If you stop petting him before he’s ready, he’ll try to grab your hand with one of his big paws. When he sees me pick up the slicker
brush, he comes right over and lies in the floor so I can brush his coat. He sheds a lot right now, but I’m hoping when the puppy coat is all gone that will change. He’
s loving and comical, and a great addition to our family. We love him dearly!   The Martin Family

4 months.
7 months
11 months
7 Weeks
After haircut at
1 year old
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Hello Carolyn.
I just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing
fine. We decided to name her Amber. She seems to
be adjusting well. The first night was a little rough, but
last night was much better. She only woke up to go
out twice. She seems to be very smart and just loves
to be with the family. She’s also quite fond of the
Frisbee.    Here are a few pictures. We’ll keep you
updated, and I’ll let you know how the vet check goes.
Kendra V.   Atlanta Ga.     April 2007
Putter is from Cheyanne's January 2007 litter
Good Morning Carolyn,
We wanted to send along a picture of our Golden Doodle
Zoey from Cheyanne's March 08 littler.  She is such a joy and
pleasure to have around.  We took her to obedience class
and she passed with flying colors.  One thing she hasn't
leaned yet is to leave our socks alone.  She is always
carrying them around the house.  Ha!
Have a Happy New Year.
Don and Linda P.
Taylors, SC
December 2008