Goldendoodles at  Bar C Kennels
    Darcy,  Koda & Rose   Puppies
    Darcy, Koda, Rose and Goldie have been retired and have been placed in forever homes.
    We are keeping the pictures of their puppies and the people who own them on our web site.
Here are some extremely late pictures of our goldendoodle Mosely. We adopted him in October of 2006. He was
bigger than a lot of the other puppies there and he has a ton of personality. He absolutely loves playing soccer!!! He
likes car rides and the beach. He sprints when we take him for a walk and could go forever. He is friends with my
grandparents 8 year old chocolate lab, who he visits every week. It's so funny to watch them play, Mose is such a pest.
He's very social and smart. He can sit, stay, speak, shake and laydown.  He can also find his favorite toy on comand.  
We rescantly shaved him and he looks really silly. I know he feels better though. We really enjoy him.            Josie M.
is ownes by
Josie M. in
Mt. Pleasent, SC
He was 5 mo. old
when this
picture was
taken at the
beach in
Feb. 2007.
Hi Carolyn,

We are the loving owners of Baxter, whom we
adopted in October of 2006, one of Darcy
and Bailey's puppies.  He is the center of the
household, and well loved by our two
daughters, Emma and Mary Anna, who are
now 8 and 5.  Mary Anna is definitely his
master, as it only takes a look from her to get
him to do her command.

He loves to jump and run, and is not afraid to
use his very large nose to push us in
whatever direction he wants us to go.  He's a
very faithful jogging companion for both of
us, although we never seem to be able to run
quite fast enough for his liking.

We wanted to let you know how well Baxter
was doing and thank you for breeding such
loving and intelligent dogs!

Lisa and Paul W.
Mosley  18 mo Old
Mosley 10
weeks old
Mosley is from Darcy's Septembet 11, 2006 litter
Wilson is from Darcy/Bailey
litter  born April 12, 2007
September 2007
We had a good trip home; he was restless in the crate so we put him in the back
seat and he rode with us like he did with you - rear end on the back seat, front feet
on the floor and head on the console, happy as long as he was touching one of
us.  When we got home, he played ball with my grandson, fetching and dropping
(!!) the ball on command. He was great in the house last night, curious and
inspecting everything, but not bothering anything.  He was fascinated by the cat,
but the cat hissed and popped him on the nose so that was not so much fun.
Thanks for taking such good care of him; he has such a happy disposition and is
such a pleasure.  Before we started home from Madison yesterday , we took him
for a walk among the beautiful old homes there and we all enjoyed it.
I'll be sending pictures soon.  I tried to take some last night but he wouldn't be still
long enough.  There was too much he needed to see about!
Chance is from Darcy's April 2007 litter.
Chance is one of our rescues, He was abandoned by his first owners when they moved
to a smaller home. Chance is going to be a therapy Codele, GA
Koda's Puppies
Marcus    June 1, 2008
Thanks for such a wonderful dog.
We are moving to Texas in June
and would like to get another one
from you before we move.

Marcus is from the Koda/Bailey
litter born June 24 2006.
Kody is from the Koda/Bailey litter born June 24 2006.
Koda takes a cooling dip in the pool.
Hi Carolyn,   Here are a few pictures of Sparkles.  She weighs 44 lbs now.  
Anna and Sparkles are getting along well.  Sparkles is very high energy, and
loves Anna, doggie daycare, other dogs and everyone she meets.    Kathy B

Sparkles is from Koda's Dec 2007 litter
at 4
weeks old
Kathleen, Anna and Sparkles
9 weeks old
3 momths old
4 months old
6 momths old
Sally                       Beans              William
Hey Carolyn,
I know that it has been a very long time but I promised
pictures of Beans and I am just getting around to
figuring out how to send them on my computer. He is
such a wonderful dog and we love him dearly. He is with
us all of the time and everyone comments one how
precious he is.
Thank so much.
Sarah Hendrick

He was born on June 24, 2006 - Koda/Bailey
Rose's Puppies
Pictures below are of Roses puppies from her 1st litter June 2007 and their families.
Chris T.'s  Puppy in Charleston SC
Hey Carolyn,
Just a little info on how much he was grown.  I took him in to get his
monthly preventative meds a month ago and he weighed 48 lbs. At this
last visit he gained 10 lbs to make him currently 60 lbs!!!  He has gotten
so big but remains the same cuddly loving dog as the day I got him.  He
is so smart and good natured.  I have to remind myself that he is still a
puppy sometimes since he is generally so well behaved!  I wish I could
show him off tomorrow but will have to wait until the next one.  I am
attaching a picture of Sully and his buddy Boone (a chocolate lab) so
you can see how handsome and big he's gotten!
Kyle B.

Boone ( the Lab) and Sully (the goldendoodle) live in Charleston SC
Our California Girl
Kaya lives with
Wayne and Amy in CA
Hello Carolyn-

Kaya is doing great -
can't believe she is
going to be a year old
this month.  She loves
going to the beach and
fetching her ball.  
Thanks so much for
providing us such a
wonderful dog.

Wayne and Amy
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The Northamption MA.  Girls
Rebecca A. Smith, of Northampton, braving Monday
frigid temperatures to walk in the "Dog Park" area on the
of the former Northampton State Hospital in Northampton.  
Smith is
walking her dog, Marina, foreground, and sister pooch
Kaylie, owned
by Smith's friend Kathleen McGovern."

Hi! Thought you might like to see the sisters, they were
born June 25Th.
Mine is the one on the right. Thought it might be a good
photo for you web
site as it shows how differently they can look.
Hope all is well.
January 2007
January 2007
Kaylie January 2009
These Girls live
down the street
from each other in
Northampton, MA