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Pictures of  Goldendoodle puppies and the people who own them
and what they say about their Goldendoodle Puppies.
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Chewy at 12 weeks
Chewy is a  Mattie-Ceasr puppy litter of March 2010 litter
Chewy  at 4 Months
Hi Carolyn,
Hope all is well.  We thought we’d update you on how Chewy is
doing.  He’s adjusted well to his new life in Charleston; in fact he
surprised us when he did not let out a single whine on the car ride
home from Columbia.  He loves people, especially children, and other
dogs too, and even his new brothers – our two cats…he loves to play
chase with them.  Chewy is very clever, he just graduated from
puppy class last week and has several commands down – he can
sit, stay, drop it, leave it, lay down, and rollover already.  We will
start intermediate classes soon.  He loves car rides, going for
walks, going to the dog park and to the beach, and playing soccer
with Daniel.  He’s growing fast; he weighs about 30 pounds now.  
He’s finally got all his shots, and he was neutered about 2 weeks
ago and recovered very quickly.   Chewy’s the center of our
attention and we absolutely love having him around!   Take care!
Sara and Daniel
Dustin is a Breeze/Cesar puppy and  lives in Columbia SC with Kelli, Lee and Fenway
Hi Carolyn,
Just wanted to give you an up-date on Dustin.  He is one chunky little boy, but
doing great!  He's been to the vet twice and both times the entire office went ga
ga over him.  They just think he's the cutest little man.  The vet gave him a clean
bill of health and said he's one of the healthiest pups he's seen.  By the way,
Dustin just chilled out on the table and went to sleep both times.  It was no big
deal to him.  He's been doing really well at home too.  He plays with his
labradoodle sister Fenway pretty much all of the time and they love to be
together.  He's learned very quickly where we keep the food and every source
of water in the house.  He will sit next to the cabinet where the food is and whine
if he's hungry and he will do the same at the sink, bathtub, toilet and ice maker
in the house.  It's so funny!  Fenway has also taught him to run to the kitchen at
top speed if you hear the ice maker and most of the time you can get a piece of
ice, which he goes crazy for.  It's so funny to look down and see both of them
sitting so nicely waiting on their piece of ice!  They also enjoy tug of war with the
rope together.  Fenway just tugs Dustin around and around and he helps sweep
the floor by being pulled.  They're really a riot together.  So far so good.  .
Thanks for a great puppy!
Kelli, Lee, Fenway, and Dustin