Willow's Miniature
Goldendoodle Puppies
Puppies Born March 19 , 2018
Carolyn Shumpert
Cell  803-917-5199
Home 803-764-7881
Orange Ribbon Female
will go home with Donna
& Jim & live in Columbia,
Hot Pink Ribbon Female
Her name is Luna, she went
home with the Angers family
to Charlotte NC.
Green Ribbon Female
and family to Charlotte NC
Red Ribbon Female
Her name is Lola, she is going
home with Julian to
Simpsonville SC
Purple Ribbon Female
She is going home with Leah
to Mooresville NC
Female Hot Pink Ribbon
She is home with Gerogia
in Mt. Pleasant SC
Female Orange Ribbon
Her name is Jovie,
she is  home with Peter &
Greogrie  in Greenville SC
Female Green Ribbon
She is home with Andrea who
lives  in Johnson City, TN
Male Orange Ribbon
He's home with Margaret
in Charlotte NC
Male Blue Ribbon
He's home with the Packett
Family in Hartsville SC
December 2014 Litter
Willow's 2015 litter
Bar C Kennels  Goldedoodles
There are 7 puppies  
2 males and 5 females
Puppies in this litter are $1,600.00

1 Female available in this litter
Puppies are lighter
than they appear in
the picture
Blue Ribbon Male
Weight 5.3 on 5/1/18
Black Ribbon Male
Weight 4.4 on 5/1/18
Purple Ribbon Female
Weight 5.0 on 5/1/18
Yellow Ribbon Female
Weight 4.4 on 5/1/18

Green Ribbon Female
Weight 2.6 on 5/1/18

The runt of the litter
she will be about 18-20 lbs
when grown.
White Ribbon Female
Weight 5.0 on 5/1/18
Pink Ribbon Female
Weight 3.5 on 5/1/18