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Goldendoodles of Bar C Kennels is a family-owned and operated business that has been breeding Goldendoodles since 2001. We are dedicated to providing beautiful, healthy, and affordable puppies to families across the country. Our puppies are raised with love in our home and come pre-spoiled! We also offer Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, and Cockapoos on occasion. If you're looking for a friendly and reliable breeder who puts your happiness first, Goldendoodles of Bar C Kennels is the right choice for you.

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An F1 Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever bred to a Standard Poodle. These Goldendoodles are also very consistent in the coat their coats are wavy - curly - shaggy-looking. They are normally are low to non-shedding and are typically allergy friendly. We do breed F1B Goldendoodles. We carefully do this to reduce the size from a Standard ( 50+ lbs) to Miniature and Medium Goldendoodles, this mix does produce a lot of coat and looks more like a poodle. They are very low to non-shedding. NOTE: We do NOT infuse Cocker or Springer Spaniels or Terriers into the mix to try to reduce size of the dogs.

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