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Hi Carolyn!

Just wanted to let you know that Stella is up to date on all of her shots and growing like a weed! Also, our vet was thoroughly impressed with the records you provided us and said it was unusual to see such detailed information from a breeder – THANK YOU! Because of your hard work, we saved money on some tests that he normally ran on new puppies, but could see it wasn’t necessary with Stella. She is now 12 pounds FULL of energy! I really can’t believe how fast she’s growing. I hope the picture I’m attaching sends right… it was taken at her first trip to the Riverwalk by the Gervais St. bridge last weekend. While our poodle Sax is rather snobby about water, Stella showed no signs of being afraid of it. It was too cold still to let her try to get in, but she ran right out on the rocks! I check your website regularly, and see that you’re very busy bringing joy to lots of other people with your gorgeous puppies. As I told you before, please let us know if you ever need a reference. I hope the other puppies from Stella’s litter are doing well.

Sherry W.

Hi Carolyn,

We’ve decided on Stella. She met her new brothers… Sax was very excited and our cat doesn’t get excited about anything, but he’ll get used to her. She and Sax played together for quite a long time in the front yard, then she came in, walked right into her crate where her blanket and toys are and went straight to sleep. I think Sax is happy to have a playmate – he’s a little rough with her (for poodle standards anyway) but she doesn’t show any signs of being afraid of him. I think they’re going to be great friends! THANKS again so much for everything. I will definitely keep in touch and send you some pictures. The pictures you have on your website are definitely part of what drew us to you in the first place, so we would love to help others see what beautiful, happy dogs you breed! Look for pictures soon!

Sherry & Scott

Hi Ms. Shumpert

Hi Ms. Shumpert,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love our Nala, Breeze and Sparky’s puppy. She is 9 mos now and weighs a whoppin’ 23 pounds which is perfect for us! We took her to Texas to visit Nana who loves her “granddog” as much as we do and she really enjoyed the beach this summer. She’s has inherited both a sweet personality combined with lots of energy and she can jump out of this world! Thank you for a wonderful puppy!

Stephanie A

Heidi had a big surprise for her little girls on Christmas morning.

Hello Carolyn, Thank you so much for such
a wonderful puppy! We couldn’t be happier and my girls are over the moon! I think you will have a four legged
billboard for you! Oh we did name her Holly! Many Thanks Heidi R.

Heidi had

Hey Carolyn

Joe Joe has settled in fine with us. He has lots of people (big and small) that want to play with him. He is my constant companion in the kitchen, which I love! Our vet let us know that he was a very healthy puppy and our trainer said he had a great disposition. We can only attribute it to the love and care all of your dogs receive from you and your family. Thanks so much and I will send more pictures as he progresses! The beach pictures were taken at the Isle of Palms on Monday, December 29th! Joe Joe put his paws in!


Hi Carolyn

Here’s a photo of Django when he was about 9 1/2 months. He’s grown a lot. He was 60 pounds the last time we weighed him, a month ago. .We love him so much! Molly


tug of war

Savannah and Hidi in a tug of war. There are great girls thank you so much. Kay

Savannah and Hidi

Brittany & Kim With their Chocolate Goldendoodle Puppy, Piper.

Brittany & Kim With their Chocolate Goldendoodle Puppy, Piper.
The girls were very surprised and happy when we gave the puppy to them yesterday. Thank you, Caroline D.

Brittany & Kim

I can’t believe that Abbey is already 13 weeks and weighs only about 10 pounds.

I can’t believe that Abbey is already 13 weeks and weighs only about 10 pounds. Everyone had a blast at the lake as well as Abbey. She really likes to swim and stayed right with us the whole time. She was so tired that she slept the whole way home and didn’t even wake up when we pulled into the driveway. She went right back to sleep when we got home.

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